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Our community of supporters, through their gifts to our Annual Giving Campaign and other campaigns, have enabled significant improvements over the years. Learn more about the ways in which your thoughtful donation serves the community who we serve.

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2018-2019 Annual Campaign:
Be the Bridge. Build the Bridge.


Your gift to this 2018-2019 Annual Giving Campaign will help us build a bridge to our healthcare services. 


Springfield Hospital was founded 105 years ago. In Roman numerals, that’s C+V, which is also the motto of our 105th anniversary campaign: Caring and Vision. Our vision has always included being a bridge between community and hospital – responding to health concerns, providing quality services on a personal level, and simply being here when needed. This year, with your help, we hope to build an actual bridge.

The proposed project will replace the crumbling concrete bridge that links the Hospital to the adjacent Professional Office Building. In appearance, it will match the covered entrance to the Hospital. This walkway will improve the overall patient and family experience during arrivals and departures. This is especially important since the path leads to our orthopedic, surgery, and women’s health services. It will be most welcome on those rainy and wintry Vermont days - increasing safety and comfort for all who use it.

Please help us achieve this goal by adding your gift to the campaign and being a bridge between community and health care. We anticipate that the project will be paid for entirely with charitable donations, and will join our previous annual giving campaigns as a way that donors like you have made a significant difference.  


Ready to build a bridge?


Childbirth Center Renovation

We continue to raise funds for an upgraded Childbirth Center, the focus of our 2016-2017 Annual Giving Campaign. Thank you to the more than 200 donors who have contributed to this vital campaign. Learn more about its progress and how you can be a part of this special campaign.  


Your Impact: Past Annual Giving Campaigns

Each year, we provide access to quality healthcare to more and more people in our local communities and greater region. the meaning of our mission, “Where People Come First,” has become amplified as the healthcare landscape continues to evolve. We are focusing much of our effort as a healthcare provider on overall wellness and population health. 

Enhancing the Patient Experience


The 2017-2018 Annual Giving Campaign focused on “Enhancing the Patient Experience”. The Development Office in conjunction with Hospital administration is currently evaluating projects that will this campaign will fund. Some ideas include white noise machines to help patients relax in sometimes noisy rooms, a special epidural pump for surgical patients to better be able to control their pain, and a mural on the wall in the new cardiac rehabilitation space to make exercising more fun.

We are still open to receiving new ideas, so feel free to send them along. We will continue to report on the status of this campaign as the items are purchased and put into use.

582 raised 80K

Childbirth Center Upgrades


The 2016-2017 annual campaign sought to raise funds for the enhancement of The Childbirth Center at Springfield Hospital. Childbirth services an essential part of being a community hospital and Springfield Hospital is eager to reinvest in its childbirth facility with the support of our community of donors. Gifts to the campaign are still being gratefully accepted; all gifts over $500 are recognized by a “leaf” on the new giving tree installed in the Hospital lobby.

Childbirth Center

Clean Energy


The 2015-2016 annual giving campaign focused on giving clearer air back to the community by reducing the Hospital and Springfield Health Center’s dependence on fossils fuels through investment in solar energy. The rooftop panels represent savings and and benefits for the community in terms of sustainability and better air to breathe.

600+ raised 330K

Equipping Our Community Health Centers


Our community health centers served 25,000 patients and 123,000 visits throughout 2014. From annual physicals to much needed walk-in care, the centers are there when someone needs them. Donors to the 2014-2015 annual giving campaigns supported the purchase of equipment to keep the centers up to date with the latest technology and comfort. Examples of this equipment included new exam tables, and audiology and dental equipment. 

720+ donors raised 248K

Centennial Campaign for Renovation of the Emergency Department


In conjunction with the Hospital’s 100th anniversary, we reads funds to renovate the Hospital’s Emergency Department. Gifts to this campaign underscored the critical importance of this service and helped ensure that the best possible emergency care is provided in the best possible facility. The renovated emergency rooms enabled the department to see more people with the addition of a fast-track service, as well as introduced secure rooms for those patients who need extra care. 

750+ donors raised 445K

Sidewalk Improves Safety and Access


Who can now imagine the Hospital without the sidewalk going up the hill? The sidewalk along Ridgewood Road is now heavily used by patients, area residents, employees, and others, who can now safely access the Hospital without walking in the roadway. Thanks to our donors who recognized that making safe physical access to services is a priority, the sidewalk was built n record time. In addition the sidewalk, the Centennial Garden was designed and built around the flagpole. Now, patients and visitors to the Hospital have a lovely outdoor space in which to wait, or perhaps to contemplate difficult questions about their health and the health of their loves ones.