Grateful Giving: Mammography

“Loving care received in Mammography! As difficult as that experience is, the x-ray technician went above and beyond to reassure me that, ‘A bit of discomfort now is always the best choice for your future.’ I am very thankful for the care she took to reassure me that having the mammogram was the best choice!”

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Tonia Fleming
Grateful Giving: Heidi Remick

“Our sons, Henry and Owen, were born at Springfield Hospital. The special attention and intimate care one receives at a small, local birthing center such as Springfield’s is becoming a rare and precious thing.”

— Heidi Remick

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Grateful Giving: Jason and Erin Waysville, RN

“We donated to Springfield Hospital's Childbirth Center because we believe in it! I have been a registered nurse at Springfield Hospital since 2011, working in the Childbirth Center for the last three years. Our children, Luke (age 4) and Finn (age 11 months), were born at Springfield Hospital. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better place to work and to bring our children into this world!”

— Jason and Erin Waysville, RN

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