The Childbirth Center Renovation Campaign

Help us make important upgrades to Springfield Hospital's Childbirth Center.


While a number of nearby hospitals are closing their birthing centers, Springfield Hospital is committed to making its facility match the high level of care that it delivers—but we need your help.

The proposed Childbirth Center will be 500 square feet larger than the existing unit and will contain four spacious and private family suites. These suites are full labor/delivery/recovery room/post-partum rooms (LDRPs) that enable a family to stay in the room throughout their hospital stay, rather than changing rooms as is the current practice. In addition, the renovated and expanded Childbirth Center will include a family waiting area, a short-term stay room for babies needing extra care, a spa-like tub room to help laboring mothers, and a modern security system.

This is one of our most ambitious fundraising projects since the Modernization Capital Campaign in 1978, and we hope that with generous gifts, we can all make the special moments of birth at Springfield Hospital even more special. 

The renovation of the Childbirth Center at Springfield Hospital will include many new improvements to the facility.

  • Four spacious and private family suites
  • Expanded and updated waiting room
  • Modern security system
  • Spa-like birthing room with tub

We are grateful to the donors who have supported this project so far. The Hospital is recognizing project donors with a “giving tree” display that will be located in the main lobby. Gifts of $500 or more qualify the donor to receive a brass leaf. $1,000 earns a silver leaf and gifts of $2,500 or more earn a gold leaf. The gift of a commemorative leaf makes a special, long-lasting way to honor your parents, particularly if you were born at Springfield Hospital’s Childbirth Center! Of course, any amount that you can give is appreciated! 

If you wish, you may dedicate your donation to someone special in your life. Did you deliver at Springfield? You may wish to honor a particular nurse or delivering doctor who you are particularly grateful for. Thank you in advance for your generosity! 

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