Recent Honor & Memorial Gifts, Fall & Winter 2018

Donations have recently been received in honor or memory of the following individuals:

  • Paul Adams

  • Lillian Balch

  • Edwin & Enid Barr

  • James Bartley

  • Glenn Cordner

  • Eleanor Craig

  • Agnes Crosier

  • Alice Cross

  • Karen Cross

  • Ruth Dunning

  • Leta Hudgings

  • Katheryn Jacobs

  • Linda Lamotte

  • Laura McNaughton

  • Leon “Pop” Perry

  • Helen Pierce

  • George Sexton

  • William Weiss

We extend our sympathy to the families and friends of all of these loved ones, and our appreciation to those who have given in their memories. When memorial gifts are received by Springfield Hospital, the donor is thanked, and the next of kin is notified of the gift. We do not divulge the amount of the gift.