2017-2018 Annual Campaign:
Enhancing the Patient Experience


Your gift to this 2017-2018 Annual Giving Campaign will help enhance the Springfield Hospital/SMCS patient experience.


One major beneficiary of the campaign is to help restart cardiac rehabilitation services at the Hospital so that patients in need of the service will not need to travel great distance to participate in a program and it will be easier for them to get on the path to heart health!

At the same time that we are encouraging donations, we also extend to the community an option to voice your own ideas for improving the experience of coming to Springfield Hospital or one of its community health centers. 

We've received a few ideas so far; which of them appeal to you? Share your opinion by voting in our survey! All were submitted by community members during this Annual Giving campaign. After voting below you'll have a chance to submit your own ideas!


Ready to make these ideas a reality?